Art Education

The art education program at NKU strives to provide quality preparation to future art teachers so they may go on to have successful teaching careers and a lifelong engagement with art. 

A strong background in art education and the visual arts is necessary for teachers of art to help their students make, study, interpret and evaluate works of art. The mission of the art education program at NKU is to train art educators committed to teaching and to their students, to offer them a depth and breadth of knowledge about art; and to equip them with the current methods in curriculum development, instruction and assessment. Our program supports and affirms the idea that teachers must be reflective decision makers who continually engage in learning new content, skills, theories, art forms and technology.     

The art education program, in association with the College of Education, provides a curriculum that includes foundations in both art and education fundamentals. Students must learn about and engage in a variety of the studio processes: ceramics, drawing, graphic design, painting, photography, printmaking and sculpture. While art educators need competence in a variety of studio areas, specialization in a particular art form enhances classroom teaching, and the teacher's personal involvement in art making serves as a model to students. The studio explorations component in the degree allows students to concentrate in a specific studio discipline.