Drawing is a fundamental visual skill that combines imagination and rational thought.  

On one hand drawing is a teachable, thoughtful, universal visual problem-solving skill. On the other hand, drawing can be a private, personal investigation sharable as an expression of art. 

In drawing courses students are asked to familiarize themselves with the intuitive, emotional components of their thinking. Balancing this is the student's research and evaluation  of different historic drawing styles. Old and new visual solutions are studied. Students may borrow techniques while working toward maturing their own drawing strategies. 

Students are exposed to alternative drawing approaches. While developing hand and eye coordination through extensive live model drawing, students develop personal and universal metaphors. The essence of drawing encourages creativity through simple, immediate, conventional or unconventional skills based on visualization. 

The goal of drawing is for students to acquire a new sensibility in their creative thinking and to explore, develop and convey that new sensibility.