Painting requires an inventive, open-ended approach to image making, perception, and communication. Painting allows one to experiment with the possibilities of light, depth, color relationships and composition in service to the medium. Students of painting will learn how to use materials to the best of their ability in addition to insightfully addressing content in their work.

The painting program at NKU stresses the development of perceptual skills as well as inventive visual expression. Students, at levels appropriate to their abilities, are encouraged to take risks that expand the boundaries of the media, of composition and of conceptual strategies.  Successful painting students leave the university with an increased capacity to make artwork that is both relevant and engaging.

The painting emphasis within the B.F.A. program is designed to immerse the student in studio practice. The serious student of painting who wishes to better his or her craft, plans to attend graduate school, or seeks an in-depth experience in the art of painting should pursue the B.F.A.