General Biology

Students pursuing a degree in the biological sciences may do so by choosing one of the six different tracks. These tracks allow the individual student to place an emphasis on areas of biology that he or she finds of interest. However, the faculty of the department feels very strongly that each student completing a degree in biology must have a solid foundation in the discipline.  Therefore, we have selected a core of courses that is required of all majors. 

A grade of C- or better must be earned in all biology courses that count toward completion of major requirements.  We have also identified a common core of support courses that must be completed with a C- or better by all biology majors. Downloadable checklists and semester-by-semester curriculum plans contain details concerning the biology core, support core, and each of the tracks.

The curriculum plans are designed to give students a strong background in the biological sciences preparatory to a biologically oriented career or graduate work. While we don't offer specific degree programs for students with interest in botany, aquatic biology, microbiology, medical technology, zoology, or other facets of biology, such interest can be met by taking, as "electives" courses in these disciplines. Details of such emphases should be worked out in consultation with an adviser. A semester by semester curriculum plan may be obtained from the department office or your adviser.