Teacher Education

The teacher education program in biology is designed to give future biology teachers a broad overview of the biological sciences. This has been assured by the wide range of biological science courses required by the program. The additional requirement of related courses such as chemistry and physics will provide students with the background necessary for teaching in these areas, if the need should arise.

The program below meets all requirements of the State Department of Education and NKU for certification in biology. Because of the need to meet both professional and general education requirements, there is little flexibility in this program. Transfer students pursuing a degree in teacher education in biology must meet the minimum transfer requirements stated earlier in this section. Students with a degree in another discipline who wish to become biology teachers may do so by completing only certification requirements.

Students pursuing a biology/secondary education curriculum should review that portion of this catalog relating to secondary education. Upon deciding to pursue the teacher education program, students must meet with the coordinator of certification and advisement in the College of Education and Human Services. Each student will also be assigned an adviser from the Department of Biological Sciences who will work closely with him or her to make sure all requirements are met in a timely manner and in the proper sequence.