The Biological Sciences Department offers minors in General Biology as well as an interdisciplinary minor in Environmental Studies. 

Minor in General Biology

Students must earn at least a C- in all biology courses contributing to the minor.

If a particular course has a prerequisite that is not listed as part of the minor requirements, then the prerequisite is given in italics below the course for which it is a prerequisite.  These prerequisites must be completed IN ADDITION TO other program requirements

  • BIO 150/150L Introduction to Biology I with Lab - 4 CH
  • BIO 151/151L Introduction to Biology II with Lab - 4 CH
  • CHE 120/120L General Chemistry I with Lab - 4 CH
  • CHE 121/121L General Chemistry II with Lab - 4 CH
  • MAT 112 Applied Calculus (Prerequisite C- or better in MAT 109 or placement* - OR- Select one 300/400/500 level mathematics course) - 3 CH
  • Select 12 additional credit hours of BIO courses with at least 9 at the 300 level or above** - 12 CH
  • TOTAL CREDITS = 31-34
  • * A student can place out of the prerequisite requirement if he or she has a mathematics ACT >= 23 or mathematics SAT >=540.
  • ** Transfer students must complete the additional 12 credits from NKU

Minor in Environmental Studies

The minor in environmental studies is an interdisciplinary program designed to provide students with a coherent academic program that is sensitive and responsive to current and projected environmental problems facing the human community on a variety of levels.

As a minor program, it is intended to broaden and strengthen a number of major programs by providing a useful focus on a wide range of environmental issues.

The environmental studies minor requires completion of 22 credit hours

Core requirements:

  • BIO 123 or ENV 110 or ENV 294 or ENV 394
  • ENV 396
  • ENV 494

Elective requirement (12 credit hours):

  • ANT 345 Environmental Anthropology
  • BIO 304/304L General Ecology with Lab
  • CHE 112/112L Chemistry and Society
  • ENV 115 Orientation to Environmental Careers
  • GEO 306 Environmental Resource Management
  • GEO 314 Maps and Map Interpretation
  • GEO 318 Geographic Information Systems
  • GEO 340 Sustainable Food Systems
  • GEO 394 Topics: Advanced Map Studies
  • GLY 120 This Dangerous Earth
  • GLY 240 Geology of Natural Resources
  • IET 260 Industrial Environmental Control
  • IET 323 Land Planning and Development
  • IET 423 Planning and Design of Industrial Facilities
  • PHI 302 Ethics and Science
  • PHI 360 Topics: Environmental Philosophy
  • SOC 340 Population
  • SOC 355 Sociology and the Environment