In preparation for admission to medical schools, it is advisable to obtain a broad background in natural sciences, social studies and humanities. Students should consult bulletins from medical schools of their choice for specific entrance requirements.

The usual minimum requirements are two semesters in each of the following:  

  • English Composition
  • Biology with Laboratory
  • Physics with Laboratory
  • Mathematics (Calculus or Statistics)
  • General Chemistry with Laboratory
  • Organic Chemistry with Laboratory

Students fulfilling these basic requirements may be accepted into professional schools regardless of their major. Pre-medical students usually major in biology, chemistry, physics or mathematics. Most students complete an undergraduate program before attending medical or dental school. Exceptional students may gain entrance after three undergraduate years.

cell culture

Students interested in pursuing a medical career with a degree in the biological sciences are encouraged to follow the Cellular/Molecular/Genetics track.  As with any biology major, you are expected to complete the biology core, core support, general education and additional track related course requirements.  This will include two courses of your choice from the Cellular/Molecular/Genetics course group.

 See a sample 4 year plan for biological science majors.  Students also have the opportunity to join related student organizations such as Health Professions Club, Tri-Beta Biological Honor Society and a local premedical chapter of the American Medical Student Association.

In addition, during their junior year, students must register with the NKU Pre-Medical Review Board to help prepare their application to medical or dental school. Information on the board can be obtained from an academic advisor.

Pre-Med Review Board interview announcement:

Most medical schools require/prefer a letter of recommendation from a Pre-Med Review Board. This committee consists of seven faculty members from Biological Sciences, Chemistry, Physics and Geology, Psychological Science, and Mathematics and Statistics. The committee evaluates the credentials of the applicants, conducts interviews and writes letters of recommendation. The committee also provides information concerning the medical school application process. The interview provides students experience in an interview setting and also provides an opportunity for the committee to get to know the applicants.

Pre-med Review Board interviews will be conducted on Monday, March 23 and Tuesday, March 24 from 2-5 pm in SC200 for those students intending to take the MCAT this spring or summer and that will be preparing their medical school applications this summer or fall. Interviews last approximately 20 minutes.

Please contact  Dr. Schultheis as soon as possible to schedule an interview (see below for contact information) and for information on how to prepare for the interview.

Note: students that are prepared to take the MCAT are usually of junior status, have completed a minimum of a full year of biology (Bio 150 and Bio 151), two semesters of organic chemistry (Che 310 and 311), two semesters of physics (Phy 211 and Phy 213), and a semester each of psychology (Psy 100), sociology (Soc 100) and statistics (Sta 205).

To schedule an interview contact Dr. Schultheis at 859-572-5933 or or stop by his office (SC345).