Pre-Medicine & Pre-Dentistry

In preparation for admission to medical or dental schools, it is advisable to obtain a broad background in natural sciences, social studies and humanities. Students should consult bulletins from medical and dental schools of their choice for specific entrance requirements.

The usual minimum requirements are two semesters in each of the following:  

  • English Composition
  • Biology with Laboratory
  • Physics with Laboratory
  • Mathematics (Calculus or Statistics)
  • General Chemistry with Laboratory
  • Organic Chemistry with Laboratory

Students fulfilling these basic requirements may be accepted into professional schools regardless of their major. Pre-dental or pre-medical students usually major in biology, chemistry, physics or mathematics. Most students complete an undergraduate program before attending medical or dental school. Exceptional students may gain entrance after three undergraduate years.

Students planning to attend medical or dental schools typically follow the BS in Chemistry - Biochemistry Track. However, any of the other chemistry tracks can apply toward medical or dental school admissions by adding Introduction to Biology I and II to the curriculum.

In addition, during their junior year, students must register with the NKU Pre-Medical Review Board to help prepare their application to medical or dental school. Information on the board can be obtained from an academic advisor.


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