Pre-pharmacy students will often enter pharmacy school after two years of undergraduate work. Through completion of a third year and proper planning, a student can complete a chemistry degree before entering pharmacy school. Students who do not gain admission to pharmacy school can remain at NKU and complete their dgree in chemistry or three or four years.

The usual requirements for admission to pharmacy school are:

  • 2 semesters English Composition
  • 2 semesters Biology with Laboratory
  • 2 semesters Mathematics (Calculus, Statistics)
  • 2 semesters Physics with Laboratory
  • 2 semesters General Chemistry with Laboratory
  • 2 semesters Organic Chemistry with Laboratory
  • 1 semester Microbiology with Laboratory
  • 1 semester Principles of Economics

Some schools require different prerequisite courses than those listed above. Students should find out the requirements of each pharmacy school and work closely with an academic advisor to meet those requirements.