Mission Statement

The English Department values critical and creative thinking, innovative research and writing, and ethical engagement in our communities.  Students and faculty explore writing in inventive, transdisciplinary ways and foster an understanding of the ways in which literature and writing are created, studied, and understood in their historical, cultural, and political contexts.  Our graduates are prepared for the evolving landscape of twenty-first century careers with skills in writing, reading, communication, research, synthesis, analysis, and reflection.  


Why Study English?

The Department of English offers courses on the undergraduate and graduate levels that promote critical, creative, and reflective expression.

English students engage with diverse literary and cultural texts as well as practice critical reading and effective writing. The skills they develop in research, communication, cultural awareness, comprehension, and analysis prepare them for the creative, entrepreneurial economy of the 21st century. An English degree can generate a valuable return on investment and open up careers in media, public relations, teaching, and hundreds of other areas. You can read about some options here.

We invite you to explore this website to learn more about our English programs.


Have Questions?

  • for information on making English your major or minor, or general questions about the department,
    contact Dr. Emily Detmer-Goebel, Department Chair, via email.


  • If you have questions about ENG 101, ENG 151H, ENG 291, or writing studies courses,
    contact Dr. Jennifer Cellio, Director of the Writing Instruction Program, via e-mail.

  • If you have questions about the graduate program in English,
    contact Dr. John Alberti, Director of Graduate Studies,via e-mail.

  • If you have questions about the minor in Cinema Studies,
    contact Dr. John Alberti, Director of the Cinema Studies Program, via e-mail.

Jenn Whalen
Our alum Jennifer Whalen (2012), who just completed her MFA in Creative Writing at Texas State University, has been awarded the competitive Writer-in-Residence position which is part of the Clark Literary Endowment at Texas State University. For a full year, Ms. Whalen will live rent-free in a cottage located near the university, in a perfect setting for writing and reflection. Congratulations, Jenn!

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