Cinema Studies Minor

Even though movies are little over a century old, they have become one of the most influential and popular art forms in the world.

The minor in Cinema Studies is an interdisciplinary program that allows students to develop critical viewing and writing skills as they learn about the history, theory, production and analysis of cinema.


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As the importance of visual information and narrative grows, this minor helps prepare students for life in the digital age. The courses provide an opportunity for students to practice and expand their abilities to write analytically about cinema as well as increase their knowledge of the historical development and cultural significance of movies.

The minor consists of 21 semester hours from the following courses:

Core requirements (9 hours)

  • CIN 200 -- Introduction to Cinema Studies

  • CIN 201 -- Survey of World Cinema

  • CIN 202 -- Survey of United States Cinema

Elective courses (12 hours, nine hours must be at the 300-400 level)

  • ANT 376 -- Irish Society through Film
  • CIN 494 -- Studies in Cinema (can be cross-listed)

  • EMB 100 -- Media Literacy

  • EMB 140 -- Introduction to Media Aesthetics

  • EMB 380 -- Documentary Theory and Practice

  • ENG 302 -- Literature and Film

    *May only count once for graduation even if they are different topics.

  • ENG 431 / TAR 482 / EMB 450 -- Screenwriting

  • HIS 380 -- History and Film

  • HNR 307 -- Studies in Film

  • JUS 319 -- Criminal Justice in Film

  • PSC 320 -- American Politics in Film

  • PSC 322 -- International Politics in Film

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