Black Studies Program (Minor) – 24 Credit Hours

The minor in Black Studies is designed to provide students with an interdisciplinary perspective of the life of African Americans, including Africans and African people throughout the Diaspora and their contributions to humanity.

Specifically, the program is designed to acquaint students with:

  • Historical experience of Africans and African Americans;
  • Contributions of Africans and African Americans to the humanities;
  • African American experience from a behavioral and/or social science perspective as well as contributions of Black people
    to those areas of study;
  • Influence of the African American experience in the fields of communications and/or social work.

In each course, at least a "C" must be achieved to earn credit toward the minor.

Required Courses (12 Credit Hours)

  • BLS 100 -- Introduction to Black Studies*
  • HIS 106 -- History of African Americans to 1877*
  • HIS 107 -- History of African Americans since 1877*
  • HIS 431 -- Historical Themes in African American History*

Required Areas of Study (12 Credit Hours)

  • History Option
  • Behavioral and Social Sciences/Social Work Option
  • Humanities and Creative Productions/Communications Option

For More Information Contact:

Dr. Eric R. Jackson
Associate Professor
Director – Black Studies Program
Department of History and Geography
Landrum 437
Phone: 859.572.6146