Integrative Studies

Pursue You Passion

Welcome to Integrative Studies at NKU. The Integrative Studies program in the College of Arts and Sciences offers you an opportunity to design a novel interdisciplinary or transdisciplinary program of study.

Are you interested in real-world problems that go beyond the boundaries of traditional programs of study? Do you want to develop a set of professional skills and dispositions that demonstrate both a depth of knowledge and a breadth of understanding and application? With the help of advisors, you will design your own course of study from across the curriculum and integrate what you learn in a capstone project to find coherence, meaning and value in your personal area of interest.

We offer Associate's, Bachelor's and Master's degrees in Integrated Studies. Both the Associate's and Bachelor's degrees can be obtained online or through the PACE program.

For more information please contact us.

Integrative Studies Program
Dr. Rudy Garns, Director
SL 410, 572-1450



Who are our students?

  • Students who prefer a broader and more flexible approach to their college education than traditional disciplinary or professional majors offer.
  • Students who want to enter the job market as recognized problem solvers, critical thinkers, effective communicators, and productive collaborators who can work with a variety of perspectives.
  • Adult learners who have interrupted their studies for a prolonged period and return with a different academic focus and career goal.
  • Undergraduate transfer students whose prior work does not mesh well with existing programs of study at NKU.
  • Part-time students whose work schedules and other responsibilities preclude them from completing more structured majors.
  • Undergraduate students abandoning highly structured disciplinary or professional majors during their undergraduate career.