Integrative Studies

What we offer

Integrative Studies offers a flexible degree program designed to allow you to create a degree focused on your own academic interests and goals.

Within the College of Arts and Sciences, the program provides students the opportunity to pursue a broad-based education across a variety of disciplines. The major is designed for students whose academic interests are best met through a flexible program of integrated and interdisciplinary study. 

association for interdisciplinary studies

What you get

An Integrative Studies education encourages the acquisition of knowledge and skills that run broadly across the full range of disciplines.  It also supports the in-depth study of certain topics or issues that require investigation between disciplines or integration among disciplines.  With an emphasis on critical and reflective thinking, Integrative Studies promotes the liberation of the mind, removing prejudices, challenging assumptions, and examining values.

Thinking about the program

The Integrative Studies program provides the opportunity for students to pursue an individualized and broad-based education. The major is designed as a flexible program of multidisciplinary and integrative study. Although students follow different paths through integrative studies, they share certain characteristics. One might think of this as the "guiding philosophy" of the program:

  • Students embrace an inter-disciplinary approach to education, striving to understand complex questions and problems that transcend any single discipline.
  • Students refuse limitations within fields by integrating concepts and methods from multiple disciplines and knowledge bases.
  • Students engage with their peers and faculty across disciplines, colleges, and institutions, to offer new perspectives on traditional beliefs and practices.