Upcoming Events

Date Speaker Title Type Room Time
10/22/15 Dr. David Schneider Discovery, Technology and Transdisciplinary Experiences: One NKU Grad's Career Colloquium SC305 12:15PM
11/19/15 Mr. Andrew Plunkett Black Energy and GE Cimplicity Colloquium SC305 12:15PM
12/3/15 Dr. Punit Boolchand The Fascination of the Disordered State of Matter Colloquium SC305 12:15PM
1/20/16 Dr. Chari Ramkumar Carbon Nanotubes: A Discussion of the Work Carried out at NKU Seminar SC128 12:00PM
1/27/16 Dr. Parveen Kumar Optoelectronic Investigation of Single CdS Nanosheets and Single GaP/GaAs Nanowire Heterostructures Seminar SC128 12:00PM
3/28/16 Dr. Michael Roth The Rich Landscape of Organic Molecules on Graphitic Surfaces: What Molecular Dynamics Shows  Colloquium SC207 12:00PM
4/18/16 Dr. Samuel Boateng Using Numerical Modeling as a Tool in Managing a Groundwater Resource in Oldham County, Kentucky Colloquium SC207 12:00PM
4/20/16 Dr. Tim Gorringe Graduate Studies in Physics at University of Kentucky Seminar SC128 12:00PM