Program Declaration/Advising

To declare a major in political science, criminal justice, organizational leadership or international studies, a new transfer student, yet to register for class, or current NKU student must have a GPA of 2.50 or higher for all previously attempted college coursework. First time freshman, yet to register for classes, must have an ACT score of 21 or higher or an SAT of 990 or higher. No other test scores may be substituted. Once a freshman registers for classes, they fall under the GPA guidelines for declaring a major; no exceptions. 

Students with a 2.50 or higher GPA in all previous college work (including transfer courses), who are interested in changing their major to PSC, INTS,  or the on campus CJUS, must complete a 2-step process:

 1. To Create a Program Change Request in myNKU, click here for instructions.

 2. Students wishing to declare a major in CJUS, PSC or INTS should then contact Professor Aprile Redden at

 Students wishing to declare the online CJUS major must also have a 2.50, but they should contact Dr. Miller, Online CJUS Program Coordinator, at

Students interested in declaring Organizational Leadership should email to set up an appointment.

Departmental approval is not needed to declare an area of focus or a minor. Students can make this change through MyNKU.


Advisors meet regularly with majors to assist in planning class schedules that will fulfill requirements for the Foundation of Knowledge and their major. Regular conferences minimize confusion over requirements, scheduling conflicts, and the possibility that certification of the major or graduation may be delayed.

The final responsibility for fulfilling catalog requirements in the major, secondary area of study, 45 hour upper division rule, rests with the student, per NKU Advising Philosophy.