Degree Check Lists

All Criminal Justice
Program Checklists

Bachelor's Degree 2002-2009 (pdf)

Bachelor's Degree 2010 - Summer 2013 (pdf)

Bachelor's Degree Fall 2013 forward (pdf)

Associate's Degree 2002- Summer 2013 (pdf)

Minor 2002 - 2009 (pdf)

Minor 2010 - present (pdf)

Minor in Criminalistics (pdf)
(for Forensic Biology or Forensic Chemistry Majors)

Minor in Computer Forensics
(College of Informatics)

For additional information, refer to the catalog of your entry year.




Organizational Leadership Checklist for:

LDR Checklist for Pre-2010 Catalogs (pdf)

LDR Checklist for 2010 -2012 Catalogs (pdf)

LDR Checklist for 2012-forward Catalogs (with Foundation Track)                                                      (For students declaring with less than 60 EHRS) (pdf)

LDR Checklist for 2012 forward Catalogs (no Foundation Track): for students declaring wth 60 or more EHRS) (pdf)

LDR Certificate and Minor Checklist (pdf)

What's Left?

Analysis form (pdf)