Graduation Information

In order to graduate, you will need to complete a Program Certification Form for each major, minor, and/or area of concentration. These forms need to be completed and turned in before the departmental deadline of October 1st for spring graduation and before March 22nd for summer or fall graduation. Once they are reviewed and signed, you will then be called to take the signed form(s) to the Office of the Registrar.

The Registrar's Office deadline for receipt of these forms is preceding October 22 for spring graduation or preceding April 22nd for summer or fall graduation.

Please verify that your major, and minor or area of concentration are listed correctly on your unofficial transcript in MyNKU .

It’s not necessary that you meet with your advisor before you complete the Program Certification Form unless you have questions. Your advisor will review it after you turn it in to verify its accuracy and contact you if there are any issues with it.

The courses you should list on the form are the requirements and electives which you have taken/or are in the process of taking in order to complete your major, minor, or area of concentration. (One form is needed for each).

If you have courses to be completed this and next semester, just put ‘IP’  (in progress) under the "Grade" category for courses you are currently taking or ‘TBT’  (to be taken) for those you intend to take in your final semester.  Also, as you may not know what will be offered in the spring, just list the core requirements you need to complete or the electives you want, with the understanding that if those aren’t offered, you will take other electives which count toward your remaining requirements.

Graduation information is located on the Office of the Registrar website.

Graduation Forms