Overview of Organizational Leadership

The organizational leadership program explores both theoretical and practical understandings of leadership by:

  • Examining leadership in various types of organizations and across organizational levels and positions
  • Recognizing that leadership in not necessarily position-bound
  • Understanding that leadership is based on building relationships
  • Effectively addressing challenges in all types of human groups, communities, and settings 
  • Evolving the understanding of leadership as a solitary, authoritarian phenomenon to a process that is inclusive and collaborative

Organizational Leadership Programs

The Bachelor of Arts in Organizational Leadership

The Bachelor of Arts in Organizational Leadership is comprised of four groups of credit hours: Foundation of Knowledge (general education), Organizational Leadership Major Courses, a Secondary Area of Study (i.e., area of concentration or minor), and general electives.

Minor in Organizational Leadership

The Minor in Organizational Leadership consists of six courses, or 18 credit hours.  There are two required courses (LDR 300 and LDR 310) and four LDR courses (any level) of choice.

Certificate in Organizational Leadership

The Certificate in Organizational Leadership consists of five courses, or 15 credit hours.  There are three required courses (LDR 117, LDR 205, and LDR 300) and two LDR courses from a supplied list.

Delivery Modes

Each program is available in a variety of delivery modes, including:

  • Traditional, face-to-face, daytime classes
  • The PACE program, accelerated evening classes for adult learners, offered in the evenings on the Highland Heights and Grant County campuses- for more information contact the PACE Office.
  • Completely online- for more information about online learning contact the Distance Learning Office.
Contact the Organizational Leadership program coordinator at OrgLeadership@nku.edu.

Organizational Leadership, B.A.

Sample 4-Year Plan

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