Foundations and Applications of the Law

The minor in Pre-Law provides a coherent grouping of courses in the foundations and applications of the law. Specifically, the program is designed to acquaint students with:

  • Different approaches to the study of law, including philosophical, sociological, political, and historical
  • The elements of legal reasoning
  • A body of case law in substantive areas
  • The skills necessary to succeed in a law school program including logic, research, writing, reading, and analytical thought

The pre-law minor may appeal to students who major in non-law-related fields and plan to apply to law school. It exposes them to legal courses before pursuing their professional education. The minor in pre-law does not guarantee successful admission into law school nor is it a prerequisite for law school.

Need More Information?

Bruce McClure is the faculty advisor for this minor. His office phone number is 859-572-5830.

All Pre-Law Program Checklists

Minor - through Summer 2012 (pdf)

Minor - Fall 2012 - Summer 2013 (pdf)

Minor in Pre-Law - Fall 2013 forward (pdf)

Pre-Law Area of Focus (pdf)

For additional information, refer to the catalog of your entry year.