Public Service Minor

Consider the Public Service Minor
If a Career In Any of the Following Interests You

  • Service delivery or management in a local, state or federal agency
  • Policy making, implementation and evaluation
  • Nonprofit organizations and non-governmental organizations (NGOs)
  • Community planning and development
  • Public safety or court administration
  • Children and social service programs
  • Public health and environmental management
  • Educational administration

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The Public Service Minor Requires 15 Credit Hours

Core Required Courses (both for 6 credit hours)

  • PAD 300 Introduction to Public  Administration
  • PAD 403 Public Policy or PSC 403 Politics in Action

Electives (select 9 credit hours)

  • PAD 401 Human Resource Management
  • PSC 405 Politics of Money
  • PAD 511 Budgeting Technology and Applications
  • PAD 412 Administrative Law
  • PAD 420 Managing the Nonprofit  Organization
  • PAD 560 Planning and Community   Development
  • PAD/PSC 394 Topics: Public Administration
  • PAD/PSC 496 Internship
  • PAD 498 Public Service Practicum ( 1 to 6 credit hours)
    • This course is an opportunity to apply classroom learning to a practical setting in a government, nonprofit or related organization in the Northern Kentucky/Greater Cincinnati region, the state capital of Frankfort, or another locale. Students may be involved with policy making, program implementation, budgeting and/or other public service activities.