Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy

Major Requirements for a B.A. in Philosophy

The requirements you must meet as a philosophy major are determined by the University Catalog for the year you first entered the university as a degree seeking student. This is not necessarily the year you declared a philosophy major. It is possible to fulfill the requirements of a catalog later than the catalog of the year you entered, but you will need to notify the registrar of this choice and you will be bound by that catalog for all other requirements (graduation, general education, other majors and minors).

Over the years there have been changes to the set of requirements for the philosophy major and to some of the courses in our curriculum.

Please consult with an advisor during your first year as a declared philosophy major and at least a year before you plan to graduate. Philosophy faculty are available at any time to answer questions and offer useful advice about courses, your program of study, and your career interests.

The advisor for the philosophy program is Augustine Frimpong-Mansoh 859-572-7546

Philosophy Major (2013 Catalog)

The major in philosophy requires a total of at least thirty (30) hours including six required core classes (18 hours) and a course from the perspectives category (3 hours). At least 18 hours must be taken at the 300-level or above. No more than 3 hours at the 100-level will count toward the required hours. Students must make a C- or better in all courses. At least 20% of the total required hours must be taken at NKU.

All 300-level courses listed have the pre-requisite of a C- or better in a 100-level or 200-level philosophy course, or the consent of the instructor.

Core courses (all required)

  • PHI 265 Logic* | offered every semester
  • PHI 280 Classical and Medieval Philosophy | offered every fall
  • PHI 285 Modern and Contemporary Philosophy | offered every spring
  • PHI 305 Existentialism | offered every fall
  • PHI 315 Knowledge and Reality | offered every spring
  • PHI 375 Ethical Theories | offered every fall

Diverse Philosophical Perspectives - Choose at least one of the following

  • PHI 304 Zen | offered every spring
  • PHI 309 Global Ethics | spring 2015
  • PHI 311 Philosophy of Woman | fall 2013
  • PHI 312 Eastern Philosophy | offered every fall
  • PHI 324 Africana Philosophy | fall 2014

Electives - 9 hours

You will also need an additional 9 hours of electives. Only 3 hours of 100-level credit can be counted toward the major.

* These courses also count toward general studies requirements.


The requirements for the philosophy major have changed over the years. You should follow the requirements in the catalog of the year you entered the university as a degree-seeking student.

2010 and prior Catalogs | Philosophy Requirements

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2013 Catalog | Philosophy Requirements

We also offer a minor in philosophy and a minor in religious studies.