Religious Studies Minor

Religious Studies is the scholarly examination of the widespread and diverse phenomena of human religious experience. It is an important component in liberal education and relevant to many professions, including ministry, education, law, medicine and human services.

As an interdisciplinary minor, religious studies incorporates courses from philosophy, anthropology, sociology, history, geography and literature.


The Religious Studies minor requires a total of 21 credit hours drawn from the following three areas:

Area A: Religious Traditions & Sacred Texts (minimum of 6 credit hours)

  • REL 200 World Religions and Cultures
  • REL 302 Survey of the Hebrew Bible
  • REL 303 Survey of the New Testament
  • REL 305 Islam
  • REL 306 Introduction to Judaism
  • REL 307 Survey of Christianity
  • PHI 304 Zen
  • PHI 312 Eastern Philosophy

Area B: Philosophical, Theological & Ethical Perspectives (minimum of 3 credit hours)

  • REL 330 Contemporary Religious Thought
  • REL 350 World Religions and Ethics
  • REL 360 Human Religious Experience
  • REL 370 Religion and Science
  • PHI 350 Philosophy of Religion

Area C: Historical, Literary & Scientific Perspectives (minimum of 3 credit hours)

  • REL 301 Ancient Religions
  • REL 320 Religion in America
  • ANT 320 Religion and Culture
  • ENG 215 Greek and Roman Mythology
  • ENG 315 The Bible as Literature
  • ENG 324 Holocaust Literature
  • HIS 300 The Ancient Near East and Greece to the Macedonian Conquest
  • HIS 301 The Hellenistic World and Rome to the Death of Constantine
  • HIS 303 Europe in the Middle Ages
  • HIS 305 Reformation Europe
  • HIS 330 Jewish History
  • HIS 414 The Holocaust
  • SOC 430 Sociology of Religion

Note: Topics courses (with numbers ending with -94) in disciplines such as REL, PHI, HIS, ENG, PSY with topics bearing upon religious studies may also count toward the minor. Check with your advisor.

For advising or more information contact: Terry Pence, LA 217D, 572-5594