What is Sociology?

Sociology is the scientific study of society. More specifically, it is the study of
ways in which humans construct meanings and organize social relationships
and activities. This discipline seeks to develop students' ability to observe
and think critically about their own and other societies and to become more
sensitive to behavioral and value differences among people (which powerfully
shape attitudes and opinions). Serious students of sociology will learn that
sociological concepts, theories, and methods are powerful analytical tools for
making connections between personal problems and larger social issues and
for understanding how local, regional, national and global communities are
intertwined. Such understanding and skills will facilitate decision-making and
constructive ethical and responsible action to address the issues that we face

What Can I Do With a Degree in Sociology?

Sociology majors work in social services, human resources, health services
and corrections. Many go on to graduate school to attain master degrees
in law, business or education.

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Alumni Spotlight

Dr. Lindsay Hixson, '97

2014 Outstanding Alumna, College of Arts and Sciences

Dr. Lindsay Hixson, a 1997 NKU graduate of the Department of Sociology, Anthropology and Philosophy is the College of Arts and Sciences alumna for 2014. She is now a senior analyst with the U.S. Census Bureau and is the nation's expert on the race question that we ask of 317 million residents. Lindsay is also an author of census briefs to which anyone who wants to know something about the white, white Hispanic and Pacific Islander racial categories turns.

Student Spotlight:

Mayra Guzman Orozco

Mayra graduated with a B.S. in Sociology and a minor in Spanish and Honors in May 2014. She decided to major in sociology after taking an intro to sociology class during which she learned “things are not what they seem.”  She believes that a degree in sociology will help her realize her career goal of working in a hospital, university or corporate office that serves populations with distinct needs.

Marya is currently working as the District Interpreter for the Covington Independent Public Schools.

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