Sociology Program

The primary mission of the sociology program is to provide undergraduate students with an understanding of concepts and methods of the scientific study of society and social relations.

Our program focuses on the scientific study of society and social relations. Courses seek to develop students' ability to observe and think critically about their own and other societies and to become more sensitive to behavioral and value differences among people.

In addition to offering a Bachelor of Science in Sociology, our program has
two focus areas for students to complement their major:

Criminology is a focus area that combines the sociological and psychological aspects of social relations to study the causes of crime and deviant behavior.

Society, Environment and Technology focuses on a close examination of
factors associated with such issues as global ecological problems and the
role of technology in social and cultural change.


How Sociologists Think

The YouTube video below is about how knowledge is created in sociology. In answering this question we consider five major paths that lead to knowledge creation and we will hear from five sociology majors about how following each of these paths pushes them to create sociological knowledge.


Contact information

Sociology offices are on the second floor of Landrum Academic Center. Our phone number is 859-572-5259.

The program coordinator is:
     Joan Ferrante 

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Focus on Criminology