To declare a major in French, German or Spanish, a student must first log on to myNKU and file an on-line Program Change/Declaration Request.  For help using the MyNKU system, click here

The next step is to make an appointment to meet with the chair of the Department of World Languages and Literatures located in Room 134 of the Landrum Academic Center. 

During that meeting the requirements for the major will be discussed, and the student will be assigned an academic advisor.

Need more info?

Additional information on advising and much more is available in our Majors'  Handbook.

Advisors meet regularly with French, German and Spanish majors to assist in planning class schedules that will fulfill requirements for general studies and the major. Regular conferences help minimize confusion over requirements, scheduling conflicts and the possibility that certification of the major or graduation may be delayed due to unfulfilled requirements. The final responsibility for fulfilling the catalog requirements in the major, minor, general studies or other areas still rests with the students. 

The faculty advisors for each major are listed below:


  • Dr. Barbara Klaw 
  • Dr. Katherine Kurk
  • Dr. Gisèle Loriot-Raymer


  • Ms. Nancy Jentsch


  • Dr. Caryn Connelly
  • Ms. Irene Encarnación 
  • Dr. Hilary Landwehr
  • Dr. Kajsa Larson 
  • Dr. Blas Puente-Baldoceda