Programs of Study


The College of Arts and Sciences is not only the largest of the six colleges at Northern Kentucky University, but we also offer the most diverse collection of undergraduate and graduate degree programs and the widest array of general education courses. Students will discover something of interest in our classes and leave better prepared to solve problems, create, discover, communicate, and influence their communities and the world around them.

Students in Arts and Sciences may choose from among 28 undergraduate majors and 54 minors as well as an Associate of Arts in Integrative Studies. Pre-professional programs are available for students interested in specific career paths. We offer undergraduate certificates in 6 areas, graduate certificates in 8 areas, and master’s degrees in 5 areas. Students interested in experiencing multiple disciplines and understanding the connections among them may choose from many interdisciplinary program options both at the undergraduate and graduate levels.


Bachelor's degrees in 28 areas

Minors in 54 areas

Associate of Arts in Integrative Studies

Undergraduate certificates in 6 areas

Pre-professional programs

Master's degrees in 5 areas

Graduate certificates in 8 areas