Student Resources

College should be a positive and personally rewarding experience.

With that idea in mind, the College of Arts & Sciences supports several programs that can enhance a student's education and social life on campus.

We have an Advising Center for undeclared majors and provide faculty advisors for all of our students. We also offer opportunities for students to take part in foreign study and cooperative education.

Each department is also affiliated with student organizations that plan activities outside the classroom.

Education Abroad

Learning should not be confined to the classroom.

Students enrolled in the College of Arts & Sciences are encouraged to take advantage of off-campus programs that will expand and enhance the college experience.

Through the Office of Education Abroad, students can spend a semester studing in another country or take part in a short-term trip to a foreign destination.

Cooperative Education

These programs give students real-life experience in their field of study. With the help of a faculty coordinator, you can earn course credit while working in a position that's related to your major.

Information sessions on co-op programs are offered by Career Services.

Student Organizations

Several departments in the College of Arts & Sciences sponsor student clubs and organizations.

Their purpose is two-fold. In addition to promoting their program of study, the clubs and organizations bring studnets together outside the classroom to share common interests and develop friendships.

Student organizations also bring a vitality to campus. During the school year, many of them sponsor field trips, fund-raising projects, and community awareness programs.  

Each department can give you more information on the clubs and organizations they offer for students.